Where to Buy solutions, done right.

ibrandIQ understands the complex and ever evolving nature of consumer buying behaviour in a world of always on retail. We connect your website or campaigns with retailers, allowing consumers to purchase at the point of engagement, wherever and however they choose, keeping them focused on your products.

Clear purchase path

Turn browsers into buyers on your website with direct links to retailers’ product pages.

Stronger channels

Reinforce all your channel partnerships by referring quality traffic to their sites and stores.

Better analytics

Track page impressions, leads and sales conversion information that you drive to your retail partners.

Intelligent updates

Relax knowing that seller links are dynamically updated based on the rules you set.

Simple, Flexible, Measureable, Successful.

By placing a simple widget on your product page, or any of your digital assets, you provide instant purchasing power for your consumers through a seamless journey from your website or campaign page directly to your preferred reseller's sites.

Where to Buy is essential to any strong e-commerce strategy, but in the end, you get more robust customer data, your dealers get quality leads, and your customers get a smooth shopping experience.

Place our widget, with a preferred selection of retailers into your campaign assets and deliver consumers to a set of preferred retailer partners. Ideal for new product launches, focus and seasonal campaigns.

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Our Insights solution makes all of your content and ads instantly shoppable. We then capture engaged users and drive them down the purchasing funnel.


We connect users with a high buying intent directly to their preferred retailer. Which allows them to complete their purchase without competitive distraction or delay.


Insights measures sales activity. We can show you the user journey; from source to brand interaction and all the way through to retailer for the purchase event.


Insights enables your brand to understand which content has the highest sales impact so you can focus your marketing budget easier.

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We can help your brand increase sales though our market leading "Where to Buy" platform